Thursday, March 19, 2009

new website up and running.. again

so its up and running again, for how long i have no idea, with any luck it sticks around a bit longer than the last ones... the url is if the site goes awol again the url will be the same for any replacement site, also keep up to date with our toolbar, it has links to a lot of good stuff, including: internet radio with 9 stations from, and many local stations depending on where you are.
it also includes weather forecasts, email checker for yahoo,gmail and hotmail, there is a popup blocker as well, the toolbars download link is below

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

quick and easyfix

ive given up on having a site as such.. so i have a plain and boring page at and just have links to this and the other 2 blogs on there.. that im yet to actually add to the page the toolbar has links to them and the shop

also remember to check my youtube channel for more stuff, ive gotten into making vids with animation shop and have installed hypercam2 so i might grab some game play from a game of some kind eventually


Thursday, May 01, 2008

both sites down!

i really dont get whats going on... both of the sites seem to have done a runner on me again, im going to go look for yet another host for the main layout and menu page, or find a script that will add that kinda menu to the blogs and do away with the other sites all together

on another note, im working towards a new cooling system for the p3, just need to get a pvc pipe the right size to go over a heatsink and out of the case, i may use this same system on the big case aswell, i may also add a closed circuit multi heatsink system ill find out how it works

Friday, March 07, 2008

forum down.. again

i dont know whats going on, the mysql server seems to be having issues again it might be back soon, then again it might not i have no contol over it

so in the meantime no forum or image galleries... and no arcade mod for the forum either

Friday, February 29, 2008

ok! the old site is back

its back! hopefully it sticks around, the one i was working on was no good, even tho they were offering 20 gigs free with no adverts there was no space left on the server for anyone to use, so.... everythings back to normal... finally!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

new website url!

new site now under construction, i didnt have a backup of the forum so im going to have to rebuild it from the ground up aswell along with the coppermine galleries.. and anything else i can find that might be of use, there will be an addition of super profiles on the forum.. if i can get it to install, ill have the space to add more games also so heres hoping!
oh yeah! you might want the new url huh? please note, im still working on it thanx for hanging around

Thursday, January 03, 2008

shop prices fixed!

prices in the shop are now about $8 off what they were, all prices are in us$ so i might get some sales on there eventually

on another note, i hope everyone had a great xmas and new years mine wasnt all thats good, just another day of the year for me really
below is a very short video of the lightshow that was provided by mother nature on the night of the 25th of december, there was alot of lightning that night

i apologise for the bad quality, thats what you get for using a cellfone as a videocamera, its two 9 secong vids spliced together